Local Rules

1. Out of bounds
• Beyond the boundaries of the course
• Beyond all ball stop fencing posts on the boundary of  the course
• The pavilion enclosure and the car park
• The putting green and practice area
• Beyond the white OB stakes on the LHS of the 7th hole
• The water tank compound to the LHS of the 8th hole
• Beyond the white OB stakes at the back of and to the RHS of the 9th hole
• Beyond the white OB stakes to the LHS of the 12th hole

2.  Artificially surfaced paths (stones, shale etc.) are immovable obstructions. All other natural paths/walkways etc. are an integral part of the course.

3.  The right of way across the 12th fairway from the boundary to the fence in front of the 1st green is deemed not an integral part of the course and relief may be taken on the fairway on the side closest to where the ball lay. The sloped sides are considered part of the right of way.

4.  A ball lying within an area marked GUR MUST be lifted and dropped clear without penalty under Rule 25-1.

5.  A ball striking a telephone line or pole MUST be played again without penalty.

6.  Playing the 8th or 9th hole the water is a penalty area (red stakes). Playing the 9th hole, the ponds in front of the green are deemed a penalty area. If there is doubt whether a ball is in or is lost in the penalty area ( when playing the 9th hole) , the player may play another ball provisionally under any of the applicable options in rule 26-1.

7.  Watering outlets, sprinklers, manhole covers, all internal fencing, course signage, distance markers, wooden stakes, telegraph poles and the pump house on the 11th hole are immovable obstructions. Relief can be obtained under rule 24-2.

Note: All ball stop fencing on the boundary of the course is deemed boundary fencing. No free relief.
Distance-Measuring devices may be used.
Players ball coming to rest on any steps into the bunker have 1 club length relief not nearer the hole.

Please consult the Notice Board for any other Local Rules which may apply.